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Åland - a flourishing food destination
The food culture of Ã…land is characterised by the fact that these islands are a small community. Locally produced food has an important role.
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Local food from the village shop
The village shop is a good place to sell products from local producers. There is interest from customers and the distance from producer to consumer remains short.
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Local food from local food co-ops
From the point of view of the producers, the food co-ops offer a direct channel for sales to consumers.
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An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a familiar saying that is actually backed by scientific fact.
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Vendace, bilberries and other delicacies from South Savo
Thanks to South Savo's many lakes, a variety of freshwater fish are an essential part of the regions's food culture. Rye has always been a very common ingredient in breads and kukko pies.
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Lapland cuisine - Respecting tradition
Traditional delicacies have retained their place on restaurant menus but have been developed to suit the tastes of modern diners. The most well-known traditional food is probably leipäjuusto, Finnish squeaky cheese, served with jam. Rieska, a barley flatbread, eaten straight out of the oven topped with churned butter is an experience to savour.
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Chocolate straight from the farm
The hand-crafted chocolate of the region is made from 100% genuine cocoa butter. Different chocolate flavours are achieved using for example Finnish berries and herbs.
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Lamb - a dish for all seasons
A leg of lamb is an important part of many people’s Easter dinner and Easter is one of the significant seasons for sales of lamb. This means it’s best to be early if you want Finnish lamb on your dinner table.
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Delicacies of Finnish provinces are presented in Helsinki city centre in August
Delicacies of Finland event (Herkkujen Suomi) 2013 organized together with Syystober bier festival will take you to the world of Finnish flavours.
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Trade and culture – food on the road in Häme
Päijät-Häme is home to a flourishing cluster of cereal growers, Kanta-Häme takes pride in its horticulture, South-Western Häme boasts of its carrots, and making traditional strong sahti beer is alive and well everywhere you look.
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Food from North Karelia is an experience
North Karelia is known for its traditional food culture. The region is unmatched as a producer of ingredients and as a processor.
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Pirkanmaa as a food region
Pirkanmaa’s food culture has been influenced by Häme. Local specialities naturally include “mustamakkara” (blood sausage) and “riävä” (barley bread).
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Determining the environmental impact of local food
In 2013 the environmental impact of local food will be examined in four regions. There is a desire for this information among aware consumers and local food producers.
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How to get more competitive local food products into shops
There is a clear increase in demand for products from small food businesses. Small food producers are also important to retailers and retailers are prepared to work with suppliers of all different sizes. However, getting onto the shelves and succeeding amid the competition depend on many different factors and many small businesses also face the challenge of limited resources.
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Main Features of Finnish Food Culture
Finns have a close relationship to nature and this can significantly be seen in Finnish food culture. Finnish meals are still primarily built on those ingredients which nature, Finnish farms as well as crofts have to offer.
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The food production chain directly employs almost 40,000 people in four regions
The impact of food production chains on the economy and the environment has been studied in the regions of Southwest Finland, Central Finland, Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme. The greatest impact is in food sales. The studies also found that use of regional ingredients varies across the food industry and that the use of local foodstuffs by public kitchens is limited.
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