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Introducing ten protected Finnish products

Kitkan viisas, Sahti, Kalakukko, Lapin Puikula, Lapin Poron kylmäsavuliha, Puruveden muikku, Lapin Poron liha, Karjalanpiirakka, Lapin Poron kuivaliha and Kainuun rönttönen
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Product card makes it easier for kitchens and wholesalers to offer local food products

Professional kitchens, wholesalers in the hotel, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) sector and retailers are all looking to increase the range of local foods in their selections. To foster collaboration among various operators, a supplier?s product card has been developed to offer support in negotiations between small companies and buyers.
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New guidelines streamlining small-scale production and sale of food products

Finnish legislation on foodstuffs now allows various forms of small-scale sale and processing of foods without excessive red tape.
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The Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, boosting the growth of food businesses

The Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland 2014?2020 offers various tools for the development of food businesses.
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Delicacies from small Finnish producers entering the French market

Finland boasts numerous small companies that produce top-quality food products. However, the domestic market for niche products is relatively small, propelling companies to turn their gaze abroad for growth opportunities
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