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Nordic seminar and workshops 23.-24.10.2014 in Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to innovate and exchange ideas for sustainable food procurement in public kitchens in Nordic countries.
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Local summer delectables for the table

Summer offers lots of delicious seasonal food: new potatoes, strawberries, bilberries and a large variety of vegetables. A search in can help you find summer delectables near you.
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You can find local food, but finding it could be easier

Local food is made in its own region and with regional ingredients, and shelf information in the shops would make it easier to find. Such responses, for example, were given in a visitor survey at the Local & Organic Food Fair.
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Spring can be seen at the fish counter

Right now, many Finnish fish are in season, and it is the time to take advantage of it and give them a try, either using traditional Finnish flavours and methods or cooking them in a brand new way.
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Business meets purchaser at event for food industry professionals

The Paikallista ruokaa! event on local food offered networking and product tasting as well as the chance to get to know the activities of different businesses.
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