IndieFood brings together Finnish local food services in one location

The IndieFood local food guide introduces some 800 local food services from all over Finland.

Ertimo_IndieFood_kansikuvaProduced by publishing company Myllylahti, ‘IndieFood – Lähiruokaopas Suomeen’ (IndieFood – Local Food Guide to Finland) introduces about 800 local food-related services from all over Finland and provides valuable information for both travellers and home chefs looking for high-quality ingredients.

The information is organised on the basis of region and municipality, making it easy to find the best spots for a break and a bite to eat, along with the nearest farm shops and the most interesting stores. The book also introduces the reader to food networks, co-operatives, and REKO groups.

Laura Ertimo is a non-fiction writer with an interest in food and where it comes from. Published in 2011, her local food guide was among that year’s best-selling non-fiction books. The local food co-ordination project and its experts, from all corners of Finland, participated in the selection of producers and service-providers included in the IndieFood guide.

“IndieFood touches upon an everyday topic that covers big questions, such as the origins of food and local residents’ livelihoods. I like to gather information on Finnish small producers because I want to know where my food comes from and to show readers that you don’t need to travel far to find wonderful things,” Ertimo explains.

You can read more about the book (in Finnish)