The local food co-ordination project

The local food co-ordination project is a national initiative to increase and intensify collaboration amongst operators in the local food sector and to improve this sector´s competitiveness via networking.

Objectives and realisation of the project

The project draws together national, local, and international measures pertaining to locally produced food and enhances communication, collaboration, and distribution of related tasks among operators and projects in the field. At the same time, regional development work will be supported and complemented by building of contacts and planning of joint measures. Communication-related actions form a central part of the project, because communication is one of the key factors influencing all aspects of the project.

The local food co-ordination project is being realised in close collaboration with regional operators and national partners, including producers in fields related to the local food sector, such as organic food, natural products, and – particularly food-related – tourism.

The target group

The project’s main target group consists of local, regional, and national projects and operators in the local food sector. The resulting networks will benefit local food producers and other companies in the field, along with their customers, from consumers to professionals.

The timetable

The project is being carried out between 17 June 2015 and 31 January 2018.


Funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Häme as a national co-ordination project, the local food co-ordination project was set up as a tool for implementing the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland (2014–2020).