Local specialities on the map

National and local delicacies – a food map of Finland

Expedia has created an interactive map that enables users to learn about traditional Finnish foods. Some of these delicacies are known to most Finns, while others are local specialities familiar only to residents of a specific region. Besides showing the geographic origin of a delicacy, the service offers a recipe for it.

Finland boasts a rich food culture, which takes its ingredients from the country’s nature, history, national identity, and culture. Because of our geographic location, we have assimilated both Western and Eastern influences into our food culture, resulting in the existence of local foods with various strong links to a certain region and area. More information on food culture can be found on the Web site of the Ruokatieto association, offering information about the history of Finland’s food culture and modern Finnish cuisine.

By clicking on the picture of a meal, you can find a recipe for it. Click on the map to activate it.
You can browse the map at https://blogi.expedia.fi/makuja-suomesta/ also.

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