New guidelines for direct sales help entrepreneurs and consumers

True Flavours has worked with the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) and the Central Union of Swedish-speaking Agricultural Producers in Finland (SLC) to put together guidelines for entrepreneurs on starting direct sales and food processing.

Consumers are looking for short, easily traceable delivery chains, and direct sales are an answer. One in two consumers has purchased food directly from the producer in the past year (52%) and over 80% intend to do so in the next year (Suomen Gallup Elintarviketieto Oy, 2013)

For entrepreneurs, direct sales offer opportunities for better producer pricing, independence in planning the running of your own business and better targeted, resource efficient marketing. Partly for this reason, agricultural businesses are even more interested than ever in starting direct sales (Suomen Gallup Elintarviketieto Oy, 2014).

One major question and stumbling block in promoting direct sales has been the different interpretations of food legislation for small-scale, low-risk operation. This has also been raised by agricultural entrepreneurs themselves (Suomen Gallup Elintarviketieto Oy, 2014).

For this reason, the prime purpose of the direct sales guidelines is to serve as a tool for entrepreneurs planning direct sales and/or food processing activities. The guidelines answer the questions: How do I start? What permits do I need? Who can I sell my products to and how much can I sell? One major aim is to lower the threshold of entrepreneurs for launching direct sales of their products, starting processing activities and to meet ever-increasing market demand. Explore the guidelines here: (in Finnish and Swedish so far)

After the event, the guidelines will be launched to businesses at regional events, including

KoneAgriassa Pihvikarjaliiton järjestämä seminaari, Jyväskylä 8.10.
Pohjois-Savo 8.10.
Lähiruoka on bisnes! -seminaari, Tampere 9.10.
Liminka 15.10.
Rovaniemi  22.10. klo 12-15
Hollola 29.10.
Turku 11.11.
Luumäki 12.11., klo 12
Mikkeli & Pieksämäki 13.11.
Iisalmi 13.11. klo 10-14 Olvi-halli
Savonlinna & Juva 14.11.
Kuopio 24.11. klo 10-14 Maaseutuhotelli Eevantalo
Tampere, Ahlman 27.11.
Hyvinkää, Knehtilän tila  3.12. Hyvinkaa
Lohja, Koivulan kartano 4.12. Lohja
Juuka 8.12. Suoramyyntiohjeistuksen_info_8 12 2014_Juuka
Kitee 9.12. Suoramyyntiohjeistuksen_info_9 12 2014_Kitee
Kajaani 10.12.

There will be additional event days and programmes will be set out in more detail. Check announcements at and

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